Protect Renters - Vote Yes on Prop 10

“A 5% rent increase would push 2,000 Angelenos into homelessness,” Los Angeles Times (8/2/2018)

Prop 10 repeals California’s one-size-fits-all disastrous Costa-Hawkins rent control policy and restores the right of local communities to adopt new rent control policies that protect families from skyrocketing rents.


Reduces homelessness by stabilizing rents for families and keeping them in their homes.
Fights displacement by protecting families threatened with skyrocketing rents.
Guarantees landlords’ their right to a fair return on their property.
Lowers rents for incoming tenants of recently vacated apartments.
Encourages new construction by keeping longtime residents in place and channeling new residents into new housing.
Curbs corporate greed by protecting families from Wall Street landlords’ predatory rent gouging.