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Merika's Story 

My name is Merika Reagan. For the past decade, I have continually been displaced from my homes due to rising rents. I have lived in a single-family home in East Oakland, owned by a large national corporation, for the last four years. After two years there, I received a $50 rent increase, a reasonable increase for the market.  

This year however, I was given two arbitrary options, neither of which I could afford. One option was a month to month lease for an additional $1,000 a month, and the other was a year lease with a $330 a month increase. If it weren’t for the help of ACCE, which helped me negotiate the rent increase down to $70, I wouldn’t be in my home today.

But at the next rent increase, I may have to leave California to survive. Renters across California deserve some measure to protect us from arbitrary rent increases that can displace us from our homes. Right now, local communities are prohibited from doing anything to protect me, as I live in a single-family home.

I want businesses and landlords to be able to make a profit, but renters also deserve reasonable rent increases that rent control would provide.

Merika’s rent went up $70. Can you match it? Donate today to help protect renters.