The Costa-Hawkins Act Is Failing California - Protect Renters - Vote Yes on Prop 10

The Costa-Hawkins Act Is Failing California

When Costa-Hawkins was signed into law in 1995 by Gov. Pete Wilson, its real-estate lobby supporters claimed builders would be incentivized to build more housing and the price of renting would fall. Fast-forward to 2018, and that clearly has not happened.

California is currently in the grip of an extreme housing affordability crisis. This fall, California voters have the chance to pass Proposition 10 and repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which would return to local communities the ability to expand rent control and limit skyrocketing rents. In National City, residents will get to vote on a measure in November to control arbitrary rent increases by limiting them to no more than a 5 percent increase per year, coupled with just cause to prevent unjustified evictions. Repealing Costa-Hawkins and placing reasonable limits on how much landlords can increase rents each year is an easy, fair and necessary way to help tackle the current affordable housing crisis.

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