The Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times Endorse Prop 10 - Protect Renters - Vote Yes on Prop 10

The Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times Endorse Prop 10

[Proposition 10 is] about local control, which is why we recommend Californians vote 'yes.'" -- Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times editorial boards have endorsed Proposition 10!

Here are some of the reasons the Sac Bee and LA Times join nurses, teachers, civil rights leaders and the League of Women Voters in urging Californians to pass Proposition 10 in November:

“City councils and boards of supervisors clearly understand the needs of their constituents best, and with solutions only starting to trickle out of the state Legislature, they deserve the freedom to experiment — responsibly — with creative ways to help vulnerable tenants and energize the housing market.” [Sacramento Bee, 9/14/18]

“Local governments are on the front lines of managing homelessness, displacement and gentrification. They need the ability to stop the bleeding. Proposition 10 would give them an additional option for helping those at risk of losing their homes.” [Los Angeles Times, 9/15/18]

“Minor attempts to help tenants were routinely blocked by deep-pocketed lobbying efforts. It’s time to tilt the power dynamic of this polarizing debate back to the control of local officials. Passing this measure will do that.” [Sacramento Bee, 9/14/18]

"... cities need to be able to respond to upheaval and suffering caused by rapidly rising rents. Just look at Los Angeles County. In the last few years, a record number of homeless people have been placed into housing, yet there hasn’t been a meaningful decrease in people living on the street. Why? Because more people are becoming homeless, often for the first time, because of economic stress, such as rising rent, a lost job or an eviction." [Los Angeles Times, 9/15/18]